Porter Caught Lying Again in Email to Customers

Desperate Deluce Tries to Mobilize Customers by Slandering NoJetsTO TORONTO - With support for Porter's jet plans for Toronto's waterfront declining among City Councillors, Deluce is resorts to slandering the grassroots opposition and making false claims about the CS100 jet. In an email sent to  customers, Porter claims that NoJetsTO wants to shut down the Island Airport - while we have said from the start that our goal is to preserve the airport in its current configuration. It's the tired old lie Deluce keeps repeating. 10000_Supporters_V2_600px Porter also continues to lie about the size and scope of NoJetsTO support. With more than 11,000 petition signatures from all wards of the city, NoJetsTO represents Toronto's citizens concerned about the future of our waterfront as the City's most precious asset. It's also appalling that Porter spreads falsehoods about the ordered CS100 jets. Porter claims that the Bombardier CS100 "has been tested and proven to be comparably quiet to the Q400 that Porter currently flies." This is false as the noise levels for the CS100 are not available in a finality to satisfy the City of Toronto's consultant (Airbiz). Also, Transport Canada has not certified the CS100 in any aspect as of yet, including its noise levels (the noise certification is expected to occur in May 2014). The email then begs the recipient to add their name to a Porter-authored letter to City Council and Deluce's buddy Rob Ford, repeating the same falsehoods. Totally unethical: the letter doesn't show that it originates with Porter. A classical case of astro-turfing. It's clear that Porter is getting desperate as Councillor support is on the decline. This week, Councillor John Parker showed leadership with his statement against the expansion plans. ___________________ Original email: Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 13:19:17 -0500 Subject: Will you sign our letter to city council? From: porterplans@flyporter.com To: My name is Rachael Factor and I am part of the team at Porter working on our growth plans. I’m happy to let you know that the Bombardier CS100, the aircraft we hope to fly, has been tested and proven to be comparably quiet to the Q400 that Porter currently flies, meeting Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport's extremely strict noise limits. As you’re probably aware, there’s a small but vocal group that opposes Porter and wants to have the airport closed. They claim to represent all waterfront residents. We want to show city council that many waterfront residents do support Porter and the airport, and want Porter to add quiet new jets to our fleet. To show your support for Porter and our plans, please reply to this email with your name and address and we will add it to the attached letter that will be sent to city council. Help us deliver on our promise to fly you farther. Best, Rachael Factor Communications Coordinator Porter Airlines Inc. __________________________________________ Porter's Letter to Rob Ford and City Council Dear Mayor Ford and Council: We are downtown waterfront residents who support Porter’s proposal to serve new destinations from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. We are writing you today to let you know that the small group opposing Porter’s proposal does not represent the majority of local residents. Porter has made a positive contribution to our community since they began flying in 2006. Their growth is part of maintaining a vital waterfront, despite what the opposition says. They contribute to the downtown economy, create jobs and provide affordable fares to popular destinations from an airport that is extremely convenient for downtown residents. We are Porter’s passengers and we are the ones who asked Porter for more affordable travel options—and they listened. Opposition groups have spread frightening predictions for the future of our waterfront if Porter’s proposal is approved. They say that real estate prices will plummet. They say that noisy jets will fly at all hours of the day and night. They say that downtown tourism will decline and jobs will be lost. Well, they made the same claims 10 years ago, yet condo values have risen 70% and the population living around the airport has doubled – and Toronto got a convenient, affordable travel option. We, as waterfront residents, support the introduction of quiet jet aircraft. We ask that you also support connecting downtown Toronto with more destinations, as it will have many benefits for the City of Toronto, the waterfront and our community. Sincerely, [unsigned]