Pride Parade: NoJetsTO Float Gets the Word Out

NoJetsTO Celebrates Waterfront as Hundreds of Thousands of Spectators See Float TORONTO - Toronto's annual Pride Parade has long been a major spectator draw and with our city hosting the WorldPride, this year's event was even bigger: a terrific opportunity to get the word out about the threat to our waterfront for NoJetsTO. Thanks to dozens of volunteers and more than a hundred donors, NoJetsTO was able to seize the opportunity and march in the Pride Parade with our very own float. Take a look at the pictures below: [gallery ids="2602,2603,2604,2605,2606,2607,2608,2601"] The beach-themed float celebrated Toronto's waterfront as a destination for residents and visitors, including the LGBT community. With the Island Airport expansion threatening hotspots like Hanlan's Point Beach, the Island Park and Harboufront Centre, a lot is at stake. In a fun way, the NoJetsTO float drove that message home. From pitching in for the float, to designing and building it all the way to driving, manning and disassembling, it was a major feat for our all-volunteer organization. Without generous support from individuals and Arcadia Co-Op (who made their workshop available), we would have not been able to pull it off. While the list of volunteers and contributors is long, NoJetsTO would like to give kudos to Brennan Ball, volunteer coordinator for the project, Kristen Chamberlain for the design elements, JP Boutros for driving the truck, Norm  Di Pasquale and Bob Rasmussen.