Private Pilots Against Jets on the Waterfront

Toronto Island Pilot Association Endorses NoJetsTO: Read the Statement November 27, 2013 TIPA LogoTORONTO - The Toronto Island Pilots Association is an association of pilots, businesses and aircraft owners dedicated to a vibrant and enduring General Aviation (GA) community at the Toronto Island Airport. Like NoJetsTO, we are opposed to turning the Island Airport into a “ Pearson-on-the-Lake”. We also agree that preserving the properly interpreted Tripartite Agreement is critical to balance on the waterfront and at the airport. Our membership relies on the Island Airport for many traditional GA activities which include Medevac, smaller aviation related businesses, flight training, private and business aircraft operations. We are happy to coexist with the Scheduled Commercial Air Service (SCAS) operators at the Island Airport and the Tripartite Agreement contemplates a healthy balance between those and traditional GA operations. That balance is currently tipped dangerously in favour of SCAS. Guaranteeing the future of traditional GA activities will ensure a reasonable limit on extreme SCAS growth, and provide a safety net alternative for the success and future of the airport. We are concerned that infrastructure requirements for jets, and in fact for any continued growth of SCAS at the Island Airport will eliminate the already tiny footprint traditional GA hangs onto by a thread. One study indicates that the current 202 daily takeoffs and landings for SCAS can be more than doubled to 440 with the elimination of traditional GA activities (including Medevac and flight training) which currently limit SCAS operations. Surely maintaining small airplane operations at the Island Airport is preferable to increasing SCAS traffic by a factor of almost 2.2 with jets double the weight of the current Q400's.