Prominent Birder Supports NoJetsTO

Author of Toronto Islands Birding Guides Norm Murr Speaks Out Against Jets: Murr Has Been a Birder on the Islands for34 Years CHICKADEE 1TORONTO - I am afraid the jets  will just be the tip of the iceberg, they are already talking about 3 million passengers per year with increased number of take offs and landings per day.  I also believe that jets will come and they will be more and more and larger and larger [if council doesn't stop them]. The area at the north end of Hanlan’s Point is (was) an important resting and feeding area for migrant song birds (a few of them endangered) but once the turboprop planes start landing or taking off in the morning these birds quickly take flight with many giving their alarm chips and calls not to return to this important area. I can only imagine that when these so-called 'whisper jets' start their take of run or when landing they will be more than whispering and the smell of jet fuel will permeate this area as well as a large part of the park and the marina in the lagoon close to the ferry docks and they will be doing this for 15 hours per day which means when the song birds are trying to migrate to, from or over The Islands at night and the larger ones by day, at least the ones that survive the planned cull of nesting birds in Tommy Thompson Park (Leslie Street Spit). At this time the existing Porter and Air Canada turbo prop planes sit daily at the end of the north/south runway as the mechanics test the engines and you wouldn’t believe the wall of sound that is emitted from these engines. One has to step very close to anyone to talk so that they can be heard. Some times this goes on for 10 to 30 minutes and any bird within the sound wall flies off (disrupting any nesting birds) as do any humans in the areas near this end of the runway. This and the planes powering up for take off can be heard as far away as the east end of Ward’s Island. I only mention this because it will be even louder when the jets do the same test. Hard to believe that this is happening in a park and the number of people using the picnic tables, benches and grassy areas on Hanlan’s Point has noticeable decreased since Porter arrived at the airport. Norm Murr