Realtor Brian Matthews Endorses NoJetsTO

Brian Matthews
 Realtor and Former TDSB Candidate Brian Matthews Speaks Out Against the Jets
TORONTO - With the expansion of the airport we will see increased traffic chaos at the foot of Bathurst and Queens Quay. This seriously puts in danger the kids, the residents and tourists who frequent the area. The Bathurst/Queens Quay area can't handle the traffic that is there now; to double the capacity of the airport would only make this situation worse.
The Waterfront Agency is set to redevelop down Cherry Street. Having jets fly in will alter the nature of the developments and desired density that will take place in or near that location. We need affordable and increased housing options more than we need jets and an accommodating flight path.
Flight paths will follow the shoreline of Lake Ontario, here in Ward 44 we have planes and helicopters going over us regularly. If the last jet takes off from the Island it will more than likely come over us. The planes do not get high enough over us to not hear them. I would suspect the communities affected will include Port Union, Guildwood, Cliffside/Cliffcrest, The Beach etc.
We are trying to de-industrialize the waterfront and make it more open and accessible for people.  Expanding the airport and allowing jets, will not help us accomplish this goal.  The turboprops are ok, the current level of traffic is tolerable. To double the traffic and allow jets will become a decision we will regret in the future.
Brian Matthews