Robert Spencer, Ward 36 Candidate, Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 36 Candidate Endorses NoJetsTO: Read Robert Spencer's Statement Robert Spencer I heartily congratulate NoJetsTo for spearheading the fight to save our waterfront. If our politicians had been  putting citizens' needs first, the very idea of an international jet airport in the middle of our downtown would have been unthinkable . Years of hard work have gone into the revitalization of our waterfront and the preservation of the Toronto Islands Park. Lets not throw all that progress away  !
We are so lucky to have the Toronto Islands Park. For thousands of Torontonians, it serves as our "cottage in the city" . It is an invaluable asset--not only for the people who live near it , but for people from all over the city who come to enjoy it. I visited that  park when I was a child. And I hope that one day I will be there  with my grandchildren. I am quite sure they will appreciate it more than any airport !
My own home is not far from the waterfront. Most nights, I can hear the planes flying overhead. I do understand that the airport provides a convenience for the public, and that is fine with me.  But it is big enough the way it is. If elected to city council for ward 36, I absolutely pledge to fight hard to stop any expansion of the downtown airport.
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