Rose A. Dyson Ed.D. Endorses NoJetsTO

Adult Education and Media Expert Speaks Out Against Jets in Statement dyson358 TORONTO - Those who support Robert Deluce's proposed expansion of the Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto Harbour are prone to fabrication and distortion of the facts in their "vision" for what would amount to a greatly expanded international airport in an area now zoned for recreational purposes. As someone who participated in the public consultation at City Hall on January 27, and the 53rd person in the queue to speak, I was one of the dozens who amplified opening remarks from Counselor Pam McConnell, an opponent of the expansion. These followed presentations given by the Port Authority and the National Transportation Board. The Porter Airline proposal is completely at odds with what most people envisage for the Island and its future. The inclination on the part of the proponents is to completely ignore the Toronto Board of Health in depth report, released last December advising against expansion due to the harmful impact on the environment and public health .
As someone who has flown to NYC, both from the Island Airport and Pearson, my experience has been that the time involved in reaching one's destination is about the same.  In fact, on occasion, I have had to sit and wait for several hours in the Porter lounge until the Airline got clearance to land at Newark Airport in New Jersey. A subway ride into Manhattan, as opposed to a $75 cab ride is fine for someone with only a briefcase, but not a holiday traveller. That's another good reason to sustain a future for the briefcase crowd only at Billy Bishop Airport.