NoJetsTO Welcomes New Report on Expansion Safety Issues

The planned Island Airport expansion is raising a number of pressing safety issues, a new report by the Greater Waterfront Coalition highlights.

The umbrella group urges an independent expert review of these issues that have been left unaddressed by the Port Authority-led proponent study.

“Airport expansion would bring tremendous risks like missed approaches or jet engine failures that so far have been ignored by proponents,” Gordon Woodmansey, senior researcher with Transport Action Ontario and co-author of the report said. “It is troubling that major safety issues have not and likely won’t be examined without independent review.”

The 30-page report summarizes all safety issues surrounding the proposed Island Airport expansion in a comprehensive and illustrated way while exploring new, concerning aspects.

“Toronto's waterfront is very special; it should continue to be all about livability not flyability,” Richard Peddie, former President and CEO of MLSE noted. “From birds to boaters to residents jets are a complete game changer for our waterfront. Why dangerously risk it?”

Other safety issues highlighted in the report include risks to boats and ferries as well as the danger of bird strikes and the lack of approach lighting.

“Toronto Bay and its sheltering Island lie at the very heart of our identity as Torontonians,” Jane Fairburn, waterfront expert and author added. “Airport expansion and the dangerous introduction of jets would do us all a great disservice, the impacts of which would be measured for generations to come.”

“As a member of the Greater Waterfront Coalition, we welcome this urgently needed report,” NoJetsTO chair Norman Di Pasquale concluded. “Councillors and the public need to see that the flawed review undertaken by the TPA ignores too many safety risks – it’s a broken process.”

The Greater Waterfront Coalition represents 70 community groups that are concerned about the future of Toronto’s waterfront. In response to the Port Authority-led proponent study of the Island Airport expansion plans, the group is calling for an independent expert review.

NoJetsTO is the largest group dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a regional Island Airport. The group is a founding member of the Greater Waterfront Coalition.

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