Size Matters: Proposed Jets Twice as Heavy as Turboprops

Porter's Desired CS100 Jet: Comparable to Boeing 737, Not Current Turboprops November 16, 2013 TORONTO - Let's call a spade a spade. And Porter's desired jet, the Bombardier CS100 is not is not in the same league as the Island Airport's current Q400 turboprop. It's the size of jet you find at Pearson - and that's where the CS100 belongs. Let's take a look at the CS100 compared to the Q400 first. These graphics are an accurate representation of the differences between the Bombardier Q400 which Porter airlines currently flies out of the Island Airport and the yet uncertified-for-flight Bombardier CS100 that Porter wants to fly out of the same airport. NoJetsTO_Comparison_Q400_CS100_Side-by_Side_Detailed_2013-10-24   And here as an animation: NoJetsTO_Comparison_Q400_CS100_Side-by_Side_Animation_2013-10-24   The CS100 is twice as heavy as the Q400 with twice as much fuel capacity. The CS100 is also taller, longer and its wings are wider. Let's take a look from the front: NoJetsTO_Comparison_Q400_CS100_Front_Animation_2013-10-24   When you compare the CS100 to the Boeing 737, it becomes clear that Porter's coveted jet is built for the big leagues, not a small airport like the boutique Island Airport: The CS100 is as big or even bigger than most variations of the Boeing 737. Click for a more detailed look. WestJet continues to operate the Boeing 737 out of Pearson. And that's where jets belong. Not our waterfront. Let your City Councillor know that if Porter wants to play in the big leagues, it has to go to the big leagues airport with its jets.