Social Planning Toronto Endorses NoJetsTO

Leading Social Justice Organization Speaks with Statement Against Jets on Our Waterfront November 20, 2013 Social_Planning_Toronto_Logo_2013-11-20 TORONTO - Social Planning Toronto supports NoJetsTO’s campaign to stop jets on the waterfront. As one of the city’s leading organizations working for social justice, Social Planning Toronto is concerned about the social and economic impact of introducing jets to Toronto’s waterfront. The planned expansion of the Island Airport will damage the diverse nature of Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront, tipping the balance away from the current healthy mix of recreational, residential, educational, and other land use. Pollution and noise will affect the 17 million waterfront visitors every year, many of whom are low- and medium-income families from across Toronto. Increased traffic congestion is another concern, as is jet exhaust and increased noise exposure – increased risks for public health in the waterfront community and beyond. The proposal to permit jets to use the Toronto Island airport are incompatible with Social Planning Toronto’s goal of and enhancing the quality of life for all people in the city. Social Planning Toronto calls on all City Councillors to protect the current Tripartite Agreement with its ban on jet aircraft and runway extensions. John Campey Executive Director, Social Planning Toronto