Stockholm Airport Group Shows Solidarity with NoJetsTO

Save Stockholm Bromma Airport Group Draws Parallels to Own Struggle, Warns About Island Airport Expansion in Statement Flickr_Photo_Stockholm_Bromma_Airport_2014-04-01STOCKHOLM - We citizens of Stockholm , hope that Toronto does not go through the same experience we have had. We also had a small airport near our downtown...the Bromma Airport was a small limited regional airport . Now ,the main airline has ordered Bombardier C-Series jets, and is now more or less forcing reconstruction of the airport. This is in spite of the obvious harm and inconvenience that this will cause the surrounding neighbourhood . This includes a significant increase of jet traffic, which has caused major concerns about increased noise, pollution, traffic, and decreased quality of life in the city. Just like your Toronto Island Airport, this is a city airport located in a densely populated area with schools, childcare centers, houses and so on. A significant increase of jet traffic at an airport which is situated in the middle of the city is obviously not in the best interest of the population. In Toronto, as well as in Stockholm, a larger, more suitable airport for heavy jets exist just outside the city. For us, I hope it is not too late to undo the damage that has been done . Don't allow your politicians to let the same thing happen in your city ! Pernilla van der Capellen Rädda allmänflyget på Bromma flygplats (Save General Aviation at Bromma Airport Link to Facebook page