Support for NoJetsTO on the Rise: Latest Endorsements

The Initiative to Save Toronto's Waterfront from Jets is Gaining Momentum November 30, 2013 TORONTO - While Porter continues to put pressure on City Council to waive the jets proposals through, more and more Torontonians are speaking out against the reckless plans. Here are some recent endorsements: DSA_Photo_Jack_Diamond_2013-11-30“Rejecting the recent casino proposal was good for Toronto, and rejecting Porter’s proposal to introduce jet aircraft to the Island Airport will also be good for our city .” - Jack Diamond, internationally renowned architect, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Gold Medalist, member of the Order of Ontario and an Officer of the Order of Canada "The board of the  Harbord Village Residents Association has voted to endorse NoJetsTO. If our neighbourhood was adjacent to the airport, we would be fighting the current expansion plans just as vigorously." - Tim Grant, Chair, Harbord Village Residents Association Court Challenges Program“Open Billy Bishop to jets and increased air traffic to accommodate longer haul flights to holiday destinations? What's wrong with this picture?  Everything! We are investing millions of dollars in the transformation of Toronto's waterfront -- all intended to give Torontonians and visitors a spectacular outdoor waterfront experience and create new liveable and sustainable neighbourhoods. We are also investing hundreds of millions in the construction of a rail link to create a fast and reliable connection to Pearson - where longer haul flights make sense. Just as we are finally reclaiming the waterfront as a unique communal resource, we allow a commercial airline expansion to undo the progress? There is definitely something wrong with that picture.” - Cynthia Wilkey, Chair, West Don Lands Committee Digital_Journal_Photo_John_Cartwright_2013-11-30“Allowing jet aircraft to operate from the Island Airport would be a bad urban planning decision. It would diminish the quality of life of tens of thousands of residents who live near Toronto’s waterfront.” - John Cartwright, President, Toronto and York Region Labour Council