Toronto Island Airport Expansion: Broad Opposition at Public Meeting

NoJetsTO: Strong Turnout Against Jet Aircraft Plans for Toronto Island Airport
June 18, 2013
TORONTO – Last night’s stakeholder consultation at city hall on the Porter expansion plans for the Island Airport drew a strong community response with around 100 participants from across the city. Without exception, dozens of speakers made clear that jet aircrafts will destroy the waterfront as Torontonians cherish it. “The strong turnout from citizens across Toronto shows that this is not a local neighbourhood issue,” NoJetsTO spokesperson Anshul Kapoor made clear. “Allowing jet aircraft on the waterfront will undo decades of planning, development and billions of public and private sector investments.” The meeting was part of a City of Toronto study on the Porter Airlines proposal to allow jets at the Island Airport. Stakeholders identified a broad range of issues to be addressed in the study that is being prepared by city staff and hired consultants. “It was clear that city staff did not expect such a strong turnout and opposition,” Anshul Kapoor added. “NoJetsTO is looking forward to contributing to the study through detailed input and community testimonies.” NoJetsTO is a coalition of concerned citizens and groups dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a boutique Island Airport. Representing residents and organizations across Toronto, NoJetsTO opposes the expansion of the Island Airport through jet aircraft and extended runways. NoJetsTO's goal is to protect the current Tripartite Agreement that governs the Island Airport.