Toronto MPs Divided on Jet Issue

Federal MPs Need to Take Anti-Jets Position, Not Abandon Waterfront Vision Flickr_Photo_Parliament_Centre_Block_2013-07-05TORONTO - Porter Airlines  isn't limiting its misleading propaganda and astro-turfed outreach efforts to members of Toronto's City Council. Apparently, Toronto-area Members of Parliament have also received misleading emails in support of the dangerous waterfront jet plans. Among the 23 MPs representing Toronto in the House of Commons, several have taken a clear anti-jet position. These include Andrew Cash (Davenport), Matt Kellway (Beaches-East York) and former MP Olivia Chow (Trinity-Spadina). However, other MPs like St. Paul MP Carolyn Bennett seem to be under the influence from bogus Porter emails. In a recent letter to a constituent, Carolyn Bennett left the door open to expanding the Island Airport, as long as "any proposed expansion of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and its runway is done in a sensible and sustainable way." With the federal government being a major stakeholder in the revitalization of Toronto's waterfront and the agency responsible for it, such dithering from federal MPs is not acceptable. NoJetsTO is urging all Toronto MPs to protect the federal investment in the waterfront and reject the Island Airport expansion plans. ____________ Link to Carolyn Bennett's letter on the jet issue, 2014-05-09