TPA Submission to Feds Requests "Approval in Principle"

Letter Obtained Through ATI Shows TPA's Intentions Towards Island Airport Expansion The Toronto Port Authority claims to have no position on the Island Airport Expansion proposal.  However, their actions say otherwise: 1) TPA spent $1.2 million on studies on the Island Airport expansion proposal 2) TPA spent $1.8 million on ads prior to the City Council vote 3) TPA has asked the federal & provincial government for $100 million in infrastructure funding to support Porter Plans (and mismanaged growth from its existing operations). 4) On September 3rd, it was announced that the TPA will finance the EA at $3M. NoJetsTO also shared a document at the Toronto Port Authority annual general meeting that the TPA submitted to the federal government regarding the Island Airport expansion proposal.  The document below from the Toronto Port Authority requests for Transport Canada to provide an "Approval in Principle" for Porter's expansion plans: