TV Director & Producer David Straiton Endorses NoJetsTO

Renowned Canadian Director and Producer Urges City Council to Stop Waterfront Jet Plans January 23, 2014 TORONTO - To the City Council, David-Straiton I am a TV director and producer of such shows as HOUSE, GRIMM, HEMLOCK GROVE and BATES MOTEL, to name a few. I am also a Torontonian and spent my childhood years at Toronto Island Airport flying with my father. In my teens, I took flying lessons at Central Airways. I've always loved the island, the lake, and our waterfront. In my adult years I moved to California to pursue a career in the entertainment field. Perhaps you are wondering why I care so much about maintaining a ban on jets at Billy Bishop Airport. When I moved to Venice Beach, I lived under the flight path to the Santa Monica airport. For ten years, air traffic was relegated to small, single engine aircraft along with the occasional private jet. However, after 9/11, the number of private jets quadrupled as companies purchased aircraft for ease of travel and fractional ownership made access to private jets attractive. By 2011, living under this flight path became unbearable due to the high-­volume of low altitude takeoffs, jet fuel smell, and noise so loud, I would often have to put phone calls on hold as jets flew over. These factors forced me to move out of my home on the beach to an inland location. I am not anti-­commercial aviation and I love the convenience turbo-­prop commercial flights offer but allowing jets at Billy Bishop airport will create not only commercial aviation issues but an increase in the large number of private jets to the runways. I fear few have factored this in. This argument is not unique to Toronto. Residents of Santa Monica, California, and in particular, a home owners’ movement, Friends of Sunset Park (, have been fighting for over a decade to close SMO to larger jets. Please look at their site and see the research and photos illustrating the challenges they are experiencing. Simply put, allowing jets to fly out of Billy Bishop Airport opens up a Pandora's Box – the effects of which will never be reversed. Planners have already taken away much of the Toronto waterfront from the general public and the use of jets both private and commercial will be just another piece of terrible legislation that benefits a select few and troubles so many. Instead, the money used to improve Billy Bishop could be put toward making Pearson Airport more accessible to frequent flyers and commuters. I implore you to consider this letter when addressing the developments at Billy Bishop Airport. Sincerely, David Straiton