Union Pearson Express: On Par With World-Class Cities' Airport Trains

Travel Time for  Rail Link to Toronto Pearson Beats New York, Paris, Tokyo October 13, 2013 Wikimedia_Photo_Canada_Line_2013-10-12TORONTO - What will make Toronto a world-class city?  If you listen to the anti-waterfront faction, jets in downtown will magically do that. To the contrary, many world-class cities rank highly for tourism and business because non-downtown international airports are linked to to city centre by rapid transit. Toronto will soon be on eye-level or even beat the travel times for prestigious cities' airport connections. With a 25 minute trip, the new Union Pearson Express (or UP) will have Toronto Pearson Airport on par with:
  • Beijing - 30 minutes (Airport Express subway)
  • San Francisco - 30 minutes (BART train)
  • Vancouver - 25 minutes (Canada Line, SkyTrain)
  • Hong Kong - 24 minutes (Airport Express rail line)
  • London - 15 to 21 minutes (Heathrow Express)
With the Union Pearson Express, Toronto will beat world-class cities such as:
  • New York (JFK) - 50 minutes (various subway lines, people mover)
  • Paris (Charles de Gaulle) - 50 minutes (RER Line B, regional train)
  • Tokyo (Narita) - 60 minutes (Narita Express train)
What about the Island Airport and getting there? It is very important to note that the proposed doubling of passenger numbers there with the jet proposals will lead to a massive increase in traffic. Right now 75% of airport users get to the airport by car and taxi. Doubling passenger numbers to 4 million per year means putting 1.2 million additional cars on the road in downtown Toronto. This will mean even more gridlock. Right now Eireann Quay, the only road access to the Island Airport ferry (soon the tunnel), gets jammed with 750 cars per hour at peak times every day - right now, without jets. With jets City staff expects traffic to go up to 1,715 cars per hour. That's an increase of 128%! The Union Pearson Express will quite likely end up having about the same travel time or faster than getting to the Island Airport. The upside: using the UP Express to go to Pearson eliminates any need for jets on the waterfront with all the health, environment, traffic and economic impacts. It is clear when you do the math that Pearson is the better choice for the use of jets, not Toronto's waterfront. ________________ References: