Videos of NoJetsTO Panel Discussion

David Miller NoJetsTOFormer Mayors David Crombie and David Miller along with Jack Diamond, Paul Bedford and Jane Fairburn spoke against Porter Plans to a packed OISE auditorium on December 9th. The panel interview was moderated by journalist John Lorinc
The overwhelming response to a panel interview with David Crombie, Paul Bedford, Jane Fairburn and Jack Diamond, moderated by renowned journalist John Lorinc and keynote address by former mayor David Miller,  resulted in NOJetsTO looking for a larger venue. Supporters for the NOJetsTO campaign flocked from across Toronto to fill the OISE auditorium on a chilly Monday night, making the event an outright success.  Over 400 people attended the event, generating media attention throughout the evening for NoJetsTO. Here are the videos for the events: David Miller Introduction

David Crombie Introductory Statement

Jane Fairburn Introductory Statement

Paul Bedford Introductory Statement

Jack Diamond Introductory Statement

The entire discussion:

Robert F Kennedy Jr. comment on jets at the Island Airport