Ward 43 City Councillor Candidate Jason Colterman Endorses NoJetsTO

Ward 43 City Councillor Candidate Endorses NoJetsTO in Statement Jason ColtermanTORONTO - I would like to send you this endorsement for the fight against Porters Addition of jets to the island airport. As I run to become the next City Councillor in Ward 43 I know this is a huge issue with the residents of my ward and our city. I want everyone to know I have their best interests in mind. I support NoJetsTO in the fight against porter airlines expansion of the island airport adding unnecessary jets to our waterfront. The City of Toronto as at risk of losing a lot more then we could ever benefit by adding jets to the Toronto Island Airport. we need to come together and protect our great city and how we live in it. We can not allow the greed and profits of one corporation to threaten our health, communities, cultural events, marine activities and enjoyment of our water front. Jason Colterman City Council Candidate Ward 43, Scarborough East www.colterman.com
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