Is your city councillor a Waterfront Champion?

Waterfront Champions are city councillors who vote “No Jets!” at city council to protect our economy, our environment, and our quality of life.

You can join them by endorsing a “No” vote at city council and encourage your local councillor to do the same.

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Andrei Zodian Andrei Zodian for Ward 10 Councillor Campaign
Chris Clifford
Elizabeth Elliott
Ruth Danziger
Jan Walsh JanWalshArt
Emi Giddens University of Toronto
Susan Wood
Patricia Burns
Eva Sarenland
Susan Grimes
Lesley Smith
M Anklesaria
To ALL city counsellors: A lot of money has just been spent making the waterfront attractive and user friendly, for the citizens and numerous visitors to our city for...
Gabrielle David
This is THE city planning and development issue most near and dear to my heart, and it has been since David Miller campaigned against the fixed link. I do not want to be right on this, i.e. want my fears proven justified. For once, let doubters be doubters forever, lets stop this before facts vindicate our anger and fight!
Colin Stark
Phil Trotter NDP Federal Candidate Etobicoke / Lakeshore
“I strongly support the efforts of NoJetsTO and am happy to be involved with the Etobicoke chapter of the organization, and to have the privilege of being one of the chapter’s founding members. We need a clean, quiet and beautiful waterfront and island that can be enjoyed by Toronto residents and tourists alike. With the new express train to Pearson (and a decrease in it’s cost to riders), expanding the island airport is that much more unnecessary. An NDP Federal government can and has the will to stop the plan to expand the island airport.”
Stephen Bede Scharper, Ph.D. Associate Prof., University of Toronto
The recent attempt by Toronto to revivify its waterfront and embrace, rather than shun, Lake Ontario, is one of the most important steps in ensuring Toronto’s future flourishing as a city. A city’s beautiful waterfront is not the place for a high-volume, large-scale commercial airport.
Paula Fletcher Councillor, Ward 30
Gord Perks Councillor, Ward 14
Jets at the island airport would be an utter disaster for the City of Toronto and I will fight them. You can’t be a leader in Toronto if you support jets on our waterfront.
Mike Layton Councillor, Ward 19
Like many Torontonians, the waterfront means so much to me and my family. I was even married on Toronto island – overlooking our great waterfront.  I want to make sure the next generation can create their own memories of this special place.
Joe Mihevc Councillor, Ward 21
Various technical analyses have concluded expanding the Island airport is not worthy of Council support. Traffic impacts, public health and air quality, waterfront and boating issues — all alert us that jets will destroy the delicate balance of uses established in the tripartite agreement.
Pam McConnell Deputy Mayor / Councillor, Ward 28
Residents from across the city and visitors from around the world come to enjoy our spectacular waterfront and the tranquillity of the Toronto Islands. Island Airport expansion and jets are not compatible with Torontonians’ vision of a dynamic waterfront that is healthy, inviting, and an asset to be shared by everyone.