Waterfront for Families - Olivia Chow

Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow releases statement supporting NoJetsTO position. Olivia Chow   Protecting Our Waterfront Our city’s waterfront is changing from an industrial area into a vibrant place to live, work and play. For many families, our waterfront is cottage country as they enjoy an accessible and affordable day away from home. Our waterfront is also home to a regional commuter airport that’s been controversial for air quality, noise and traffic reasons. We should leave it as it is. Taxpayers shouldn’t spend $300 million on expanding it into a major jet airport. And next year, above ground rail will link us with Pearson Airport, making travel faster and easier. As mayor, Olivia will:
  • Work with city council to stop the expansion of the Island Airport.
  • Put in place caps on passenger numbers and airplane movements to end uncontrolled growth in pollution, traffic and noise.
  • Support Waterfront Toronto’s ongoing work in transforming our waterfront into an attractive mixed-use area with green spaces.
  • Protect children and families in the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood through stepped-up traffic enforcement.
  • Improve protection for birds and wildlife in Tommy Thompson Park and the Toronto Islands by working with the federal and provincial levels of government.