Why No Jets?

Toronto's Waterfront is our heart. It's where Toronto goes to relax and play. For many others its where we run, picnic, work, sail, and live. What many people might not know, is that the Waterfront is undergoing a revitalization, and as a city we've invested money, time, and passion into making it the Waterfront we deserve. The Island Airport expansion threatens all of that. See the points below and share the images to let your friends and family know that you're standing up for your Waterfront.

Your cottage in the heart of the city

Public space is important to Torontonians. It's why we've invested in making the Waterfront a place for residents and families to gather and spend their time. In the winter we skate, in the summer we attend festivals and sample delicious food. Waterfront activities attract 17 million visits per year. An expanded Island Airport will change all this, turning the Waterfront into Pearson-by-the-Lake.


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Protect our public investments

As Torontonians, we prioritized investing in our Waterfront. The revitalization has paid off and produced 40,000 jobs and over 3.2 billion dollars in economic benefits. Ongoing and planned projects will create another 6.4 billion dollars in economic impacts and an additional 5,000 jobs. Why would we put all this in jeopardy? The Airport Expansion will cost us $300 million in tax dollars and, with jets flying as low as 600 ft., will devalue the land and damage future development. 


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Our health, our environment, our safety

The extended runway of the Island Airport will take away roughly the equivalent of 23 football fields! The expansion will more than double the number of people using the airport from 2.4 million to more than 4 million. Jets at the Island Airport will threaten wildlife, with extensive bird culling required. The expansion will cause gridlock, noise, and cancer causing pollution. Jets are not worth the cost to our health, and to our environment!


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