Youth Councillor Ali Chatur Endorses NoJetsTO

City Youth Councillor for Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth Speaks Out Against Jet Plans in Statement October 19, 2013 TORONTO - As City Youth Councillor for Ward 29, I am proud to lend my support to NoJetsTO in their effort to stop an expansion at the Billy Bishop Airport. Although the airport is not in my Ward, residents of Ward 29 feel very strongly about this issue. Residents of my Ward enjoy visiting the Waterfront, walking along Queens Quay, and stopping at the various park cafes in the area. The last thing they, and most Torontonians want to see as they take advantage of the beautiful waterfront, are giant jets flying above them. The expansion of the airport would have a massive impact on the residential communities surrounding the area, would negatively affect the wildlife, and would make enjoying the waterfront more difficult. An expanded Island airport does not fit in with the vision I, or residents of my Ward, have for Toronto. Sign NoJetTO's petition urging City Council to vote against this expansion so we can ensure our waterfront stays beautiful. Thanks Ali Chatur Youth Councillor, Ward 29, Toronto-Danforth, City Youth Council of Toronto